Yurikawa Sara - Yurikawa Sara Strips White Top And Jeans And Stretches Long Legs

A short skirt, long legs down to high heels. An office lady in skirt and pantyhose. Babydoll and stockings. Think of those long, smooth legs; take your time to admire them, let your imagination run wild. You're in no rush at Legs Japan, because the focus is all on legs, and specifically those of super hot Japanese girls. There is no filler content here, no girls are there simply to make up the numbers. These are all dream babes, and each and every one of them has the legs to tease you, and to fulfil all your fantasies.

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Japanese long legs in stockings and pantyhose

Starting with long hair falling over her crop top. Thumbs in jeans Yurikawa Sara kneeling and onto top raised. But then exposing her bra. And wearing ripped jeans lying on her front plus looking over her shoulder, moreso in jeans. Next high heels raised lying on her side, with in blue jeans. Next wearing high heels lying on her back and top raised over her breasts, plus wearing jeans next legs spread. Next in high heels seated topless and cupping breasts seated in jeans, plus long hair in ponytail, in jeans moreso feet bare Yurikawa Sara seated with her legs spread. Plus wearing jeans, to in high heels removing her high heels, and then in jeans feet bare, and wearing jeans pulling jeans off over her feet bare and onto wearing panties lying on her back, also bare breasts and onto wearing panties on all fours, next in panties. Plus feet bare lying on her back next bare tits with hint of pussy hair. Then long legs. Bare feet on all fours and nice ass raised, and then anus and pussy lips exposed, to feet bare Yurikawa Sara on all fours and then hand on ass, and showing her anus and pussy lips to end.

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